Reliable Title and Escrow - They completely mishandled a closing transaction


On Friday, May 25 I spoke to Candida, and told her that we would be at their office on May 28, Tuesday, and to let me know the same day if the closing date was changed.She did not call.

On Tuesday, May 28 we went to Reliable Title to complete the sellers part of the transaction. Candida and Melissa Neesen, manager, had not prepared anything. Candida told us that there was a change and to leave. I reminded them that there was no communication of a change, that we rented a truck and were leaving now.

We were treated rudely by Neesen. We were yelled at and treated with disrespect by Neesen. This was witnessed by candida and Tiffany Greer, the Wells Fargo representative. The check was written to Susan Kissinger and myself.

Candida wrote the account number of my bank account on the check, which was not accepted by my bank. All they had to do was call my bank to see if they would accept a check written to two people. I could have easily done this. The check has cleared on July 23 due to this horrible example of incompetance on the part of Candida and Neesen.

We drove many miles and spent almost two months resolving this so a bank would accept the check. We demand compensation for the valuable time and expense in the sum of 200 dollars. We also want this complaint to go on this companies permanent record. Anyone forced to use this title company should be warned of their lack of professionalism and incompetance.

Another witness is our realtor, Brad Johnston, who tried to help us but couldn't.He told me that he was going to ask Reliable Title to compensate us for our troubles and grief, but to no avail.

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